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Life coaching with Chris Williams has accelerated my personal and professional growth. I feel more capable of making clear, informed choices and more confident in my ability to act decisively. The knowledge I have gained from working with Chris will sustain me long into the future.

Brenda Finlayson
Journalist, Sydney

Chris has elegantly assisted me in defining priorities; her articulate suggestions, timely clarifications and necessary reminders have facilitated a continuous focus over several months - a valuable life asset I will strive to maintain.

Dr Rebecca Cummins
Lecturer, photographer, Seattle

What can I expect to get out of coaching?
The sky's the limit. Practically, it depends on a number of variables which may be discussed and negotiated at your first (free) meeting with your coach. It's advisable before your first meeting to think about what are your attainable goals, and your commitment to change and enhance your life. Your coach will encourage you to live up to your expectations of yourself, recognising your strengths and talents.

Who sets the goals?
You do. The coach is there to support you and clarify the goals, but they're your very own. Whims and fancies come and go. The coaching goals will be your attainable targets settled on after clear consideration of the circumstances of your life and the change you want to achieve. Long-term positive change is the primary aim.

Why would I need a coach if I set my own goals?
Good question. The answer lies in motivation, commitment and the limited view most people have of themselves. There are very few absolute rights or wrongs in life, but most people judge themselves harshly and give up their dreams. A coach is your partner in facing challenges with a positive frame of mind.
A coach will not judge you nor underestimate your power to achieve what is right for you. A coach will continuously motivate you to strive.

How much does it cost?
Each individual has a different set of needs and goals. Generally, professional executive coaching can be costly. Recognising this, we offer a suite of options to suit your particular outlook and finances: Executive Life/Personal, Just-in-Time. A flat hourly rate allows you to build up a sessional scheme comprising a mix of face-to-face, email and phone consultations. Remember, if wealth-creation is your goal, the cost of a coach is an investment to help the wealth materialise.

How long do I sign up for?
Contracts are negotiable according to your needs. A minimum period to achieve short-term goals is 3 months, while significant life-changing practices take longer. This is a matter that needs to be discussed with your coach during the first session.

How much time will it take out of my week?
Busy people can benefit from coaching as much as people who are looking for an impetus to get moving. Sessions with your coach are usually scheduled to coincide with your non-peak periods - e.g. early morning or evenings. The sessions are for YOU and are not meant to be slotted between hourly appointments and constant work demands.

Is it best to meet face-to-face?
It's helpful to know what your coach looks like but it's not absolutely necessary. Email and phone sessions are a regular part of coaching practice. Often, close listening and attention to the needs of the client are enhanced by the efficiency of new technologies. The important thing is to have a rapport with your coach who will take an interest in your unique talents. The meeting of minds is the essential - how, where and when is the easy part.

If I tell you my personal dreams will I feel embarrassed?
Confidentiality between coach and client is of paramount importance and clients need to feel assured that what they tell their coach will remain private. Third parties, such as employers involved in any contractual arrangement for the benefit of employees, must recognise the coach's first loyalty to their client, the employee. If at any time health professionals need to be contacted, it is the client who will take such action. Good coaching means respecting the integrity of the bond developed between coach and client.

When can I start?
Right now! Contact Chris to arrange an obligation-free initial consultation.