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Conflict destroys human dignity.
J Krishnamurti

Executive coaches are skilled professionals trained in building employee motivation and flexibility. With the knowledge that human resources are an organisation's greatest asset, the best HR Departments are pro-active in assisting staff in conflict resolution and change management for improved productivity.

HR departments are increasingly engaging coaches to:
lift staff performance
address absenteeism
increase productivity
reduce employee stress
stimulate team cohesion
reduce recruitment costs as a result of burnout.

Accredited coaches recognise and stimulate the talents of executive staff. Strengths are developed and groomed to bring advantage both to individual effort and the team culture, with a positive flow-on effect for the company's financial health.

Improved Motivation and Productivity
Coaching assists in the vision of a company being sustained, through the vitality of staff, into its product or service interface with customers or clients.

Dissatisfied executive staff represent a major drain on HR budgets. By contrast, managers in coaching programs are challenged to harness their strengths for the mutual benefit of themselves, their colleagues and their families.

Return on Investment (ROI) from work/home balance
Research conducted in Canada1 has quantified the benefits of work-family balance for:

job satisfaction and organisational commitment
better family integration
reduced stress and mental and physical health.

Similarly, in New Zealand a service company2 which has placed top priority on providing a healthy and balanced workplace for its staff has reaped the benefits of high staff retention rates, with productivity doubled.

The International Coach Federation3 presents well-documented cases of ROIs as high as 500-700% produced by effective Executive Coaching. When executive staff tap into their own talents - out of a sense of integrity and dignity - the whole company benefits from their holistic approach to team-building and corporate commitment.

For more information or to arrange a meeting or presentation on the effectiveness of executive staff coaching contact Dr Christine Williams on (ph) 0407 290 229 & 0432 289 311 or email.

1 Professor Linda Duxbury has carried out a study for a report released in 2002, Work-Life Conflict in Canada, which surveyed 31 thousand Canadians.
2 Te Utuhina Manaakitanga Trust Centre, Auckland.
3 See ICF website, www.coachfederation.org.